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Welcome to JoJo-a-GoGo!

A community for fanworks and fan discussion of the manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and other works by mangaka Araki Hirohiko.

Community Rules

1) MARK SPOILERS. If you are posting a question or discussion topic that contains spoiler content, please LJ-cut it, and note that it contains spoilers, and for which part. Not all members have read all parts of the series, so please be mindful of this.

2) USE LJ-CUT. When posting fanfic or fanart, please cut, and please warn for explicit or otherwise Not Safe For Work content. This is both to prevent people from seeing possibly offensive content, and to avoid cluttering friends-lists.

3) DON'T BE AN ASSHAT. Please do not post solely to request uploads of media. This community is fanworks/discussion-oriented. Media posts are allowed, just not posts with no content other than a request for media.

4) NO OT POSTS. Posts should relate to Jojo or other works by Hirohiko Araki in some way. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

5) DON'T BE AN ASSHAT, PART II. Respect other members and the mods. Debate is fine, but justify your viewpoint and politely agree to disagree with others, or take it to your own journal. Let's avoid bashing and flamewars, okay? Nobody wants to wind up on fandom_wank.

6) USE YOUR WORDS. This community is in English. Standard English spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules apply. We understand if English is not your first language, but please try your best to check your spelling and grammar before you post!

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The excellent speedwagon_lj -- for all your Jojo news and media announcements.

(Please note that this comm exists because we thought it would be rude to take over the other comm, which has many male members, with our fangirling. Therefore, be warned: THERE IS FANGIRLING HERE.)